Our Property

Waiongana Park – Home of Taranaki Naturist Club

Has a mild climate and amongst the highest sunshine hours in the country, Taranaki is a region with beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and experience the best nature has to offer. Waiongana Park offers a micro climate amongst all this. This creates a warmer environment where a lot of the squalls that come in from the sea miss the club grounds. The club has excellent shelter belts (making it private) and is thoughtfully landscaped around a well-appointed clubhouse with barbecue area, caravan park, swimming pool, volleyball court, swings, trampoline and children’s play area.

The region’s  rainfall provides just   the right level of moisture to ensure it maintains the vibrancy of the flora and fauna. The climate also bodes well for a region of sports fans – both participant and spectator.

We enjoy a unique setting at Waiongana Park.

We are close to the river, the sea, the airport and numerous walkways and natural attractions. Our location gives us tranquillity and peaceful surrounds but keeps Taranaki attractions very accessible.