TNC Constitution and Rules

Update 3rd July 2016



“Members” shall mean all categories of membership unless otherwise stated.
“The Management Committee” means the Management Committee for the
time being of the Taranaki Naturists Club Incorporated.
“Grounds” mean all land over which the Taranaki Naturists Club Incorporated
has control for the time being and shall include any buildings erected thereon.
“Year” means the period from the first day of July of one year to the thirtieth
day of June the next year.
“The Movement” shall mean the naturist movement as advocated in New
Zealand by the New Zealand Nudist Federation and internationally by the
International Naturist Federation.
Words importing the singular shall include the plural, and the plural shall
include the feminine unless in either case the contrary is expressly provided for
unless there is something in the context clearly repugnant thereto.


  1. NAME
    The name of the club shall be the Taranaki Naturists Club Incorporated.

a. To provide facilities in an environment where members and guests of
the club may enjoy sunbathing, sport and other social recreation
without clothing.
b. To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, on hire or otherwise
acquire any real or personal property, and any rights or privileges
which may appear necessary or expedient for the purpose of
attaining the objects of the club or promoting the interests of the
club or its members and to sell, exchange, let or bail, or lease with or
without option of purchase or in any manner dispose of any such
property, rights or privileges as aforesaid.
c. To issue publications which shall in whole or in part promote the
objects of the club or explain its activities or be otherwise of direct
financial benefit to the club or other bodies to which it may be
affiliated or associated and to use for a like purpose such media as
shall from time to time be available.
d. To acquire by purchase, donation or otherwise, books, magazines or
other media, as part of the facilities offered by the club to its
e. To employ such persons as shall be necessary to maintain and
otherwise care for the club’s property or provide any services which
may appear necessary or expedient to the proper functioning of the
f. To accept subscriptions and other money, donations (whether real or
personal property), devices and bequests for all or any of the purpose
g. To establish or promote or assist in establishing or promoting and to
subscribe to, affiliate with or become a member of or otherwise cooperate
with any society having objects altogether or in part similar
to those of the club.



a. Full Members shall be all those members who paid all or part (at
the discretion of the Management Committee) of their annual
subscription to the Club Treasurer.
b. Junior Members shall be all those under the age of 16 years (or up
to the age of 18 years while still attending school). Shall have no
vote; hold any office with the Club unless covered by sub clause
c. Associate Members shall be those who live a considerable
distance from the club and for this reason are unable to attend
normally. Election to this category shall be at the discretion of the
Management Committee who shall have the right to re-classify
such membership from time to time. Shall have no vote or hold
any office with the club.
d. Life Members shall be those who qualify for this honour by giving
the club long and valuable service that merits such recognition.
Life Membership shall be conferred by majority vote at a General
Meeting upon a recommendation from the Management

Committee. A Life Member shall enjoy all privileges of a Full
Member without payment of a subscription.


a. All persons of good moral standing shell be eligible to apply for
b. All persons must apply on the official application form and must
sign a declaration that they will abide by the rules and regulations.
c. Minors whose parents or guardians are not members shall only
be admitted to Membership with the written consent of their
parents or guardians. No subscription shall be payable under the
age of 16 years when the parents or guardians are members or
under special circumstances, at the discretion of the Management
d. The Management Committee, in considering applications for
membership shall endeavour to preserve a normal balance of
society, Applications otherwise valid may, from time to time, be
declined or deferred on these grounds.


a. No member shall conduct himself in a manner likely to bring
discredit to the club or to cause offence to other members and in
particular shall not indulge in verbal or physical abuse, obscene
language, malicious gossip, undue familiarity, or introduce to the
club or its members any crude of offensive media.
b. Members and visitors must not divulge the names of the
members of the club without the permission of the members in
question, nor engage in any kind of publicity which might have an
injurious effect on the club or its members.
c. Any member who disapproves of another’s conduct on the club
grounds may refer the matter immediately to a member of the
Management Committee who shall take any necessary action. The
complainant must report the matter in writing to the Secretary for
consideration by the Management Committee and any further
action will require a statement in writing to the Secretary of the
Management Committee and any person of whom a complaint is
made shall be entitled to see the full written complaint before
answering the complaint.
d. Incidents which occur outside the club may be treated in the
above manner if such incidents can be held to affect the good
name of the club or its members.
e. The Management Committee is empowered to terminate
membership for breach of the above clauses.


Notification to Management Committee
Management Committee investigates
Facts and considers __ Takes no action
Management Committee appoints Mediator
Mediation ___________ Dispute Resolved
Management Committee invites Member to be heard
At a Management Committee meeting
Management Committee meeting __ Dispute Resolved
Not resolved
Management Committee calls General Meeting
Member formally advised of the charges,
time and place of the meeting and the Right to appear
General Meeting


No action taken / Member to pay / Member requested


Restitution / Member Restricted / Suspended for a peiod / Member expelled


f. A member may resign by notification to the secretary in writing.
g. Membership may be terminated by vote of no less than 75% of
the Management Committee in terms of Rule 5.
h. In the event of a subscription remaining unpaid for one month
after it becomes due, the member concerned will be notified in
writing by the Treasurer that unless payment is made within one
month of a given date his membership will be considered lapsed
unless prior arrangement has been made by the Management
Committee. The person or persons must then apply for re-entry to
the club.


a. A member who will be unable to attend for at least one year may
apply in writing to the Secretary for leave of absence which may
be granted at the discretion of the Management Committee.
b. A member on leave of absence shall not be liable for annual
subscriptions but shall pay a suitable fee to cover the cost of
sending circulars and literature as arranged by the Management
c. A member returning from leave of absence shall take up
membership in former category, except when through changed
circumstances he has become eligible for another category.


All visitors must agree to be bound by the club rules and regulations
and shall be liable for any camping or visitors’ fees applicable at the
time. Members introducing visitors shall be responsible that these
provisions are met.



All members other than Life Members or exempted Junior Members
shall be liable for initial entrance fees and annual subscriptions. The
amounts of such fees and subscriptions shall be decided at the Annual
General Meeting. In regard to applying to be a Long Term Resident, once
granted at a Committee Meeting the member/s are required to start
paying the extended stay weekly fees within 7 working days. How long
they stay in a calendar week is of no relevance, if a member stays only
six (6) nights out of seven (7) a week they are still required to pay the
extended stay weekly fee by Committee agreement.


a. The club shall maintain such bank accounts as the Management
Committee shall from time to time decide and all monies and
other uninvested funds belonging to the club shall be lodged
b. Any payment made without prior approval must subsequently be
submitted to the Management Committee for approval.
c. There shall be submitted to each Annual General Meeting a duly
audited statement of accounts. The Treasurer shall at all times
submit such financial statements as the Management Committee
may request.
d. All payments or withdrawals must be countersigned. Except for
transactions done by internet banking.


a. The club shall have the power to borrow or raise money by way of
overdraft or otherwise, either with or without security and to
secure payment of any money borrowed or owing by the club by
mortgage of the club’s property and to execute and issue
mortgages, bonds, debentures, promissory notes, or other
negotiable instruments for securing the same (with or without
charge) on all or any part of the club’s property and upon such
terms and priority or otherwise as the Management Committee
thinks fit.
b. All purchases, leases, investments, sales, mortgages, contracts
and other transactions as afore said shall be authorised by the
Management Committee in the name of the club and all deeds
and instruments affecting the same shall be in the name of the
c. Members from time to time pay into the funds of the club such
money, in dollars, as they may desire to be held in their credit as
Interest Free Redeemable Investments. The Treasurer shall
maintain a Register of Investments which shall be open to
members to inspect their holdings. A certificate signed by three
members of the Management Committee shall be issued for every
(50 dollars) or any sum being a multiple of (50 dollars). All such
investments shall be used exclusively for the purchase and
development of such properties as the club may obtain for the use
of its members. Members may at any time apply to the
Management Committee for the repayment of all or part of their
investment to date, which shall be repayable in order of receipt as
soon as the liquid resources of the club permit. Such payments
shall be a first charge on all future investments and general
receipts not required for the ordinary running of the club.


The Management Committee shall be indemnified from the funds
of the club in respect of all legal proceedings that may be instituted by
or against them in consequence of the performance or non-performance
of their duties.


In the event of the club being wound up in accordance with the
Incorporated Societies Act 1908, all assets remaining after the payment
of all costs, debts and liabilities shall be disposed of as decided by the
majority at the General Meeting called for that purpose provided that
the proceeds of the disposal shall be applied to the fostering of the
Nudist Movement within Taranaki through the New Zealand Nudist
Federation Incorporated, provided further that no assets may be
distributed to members of the club.


An auditor not being a member of the Management Committee or of
the Treasurer’s Standing Committee shall be appointed at each Annual
General Meeting. He shall examine and certify the correctness of the
accounts at the end of each Financial Year. The Auditor need not be a
member of the club.



The affairs of the club shall be administered by the Management
Committee, which shall consist of not less than seven and not more than
eleven members elected to the following offices :-
Vice President
7-11 Committee


a. The President shall have a co-ordinating role in the administration of the
club and shall be responsible for the proper functioning of the
Management Committee. When occupying the chair at meetings he
shall regulate and keep order in the proceedings and state and put
questions according to the sense and intention of the meeting and of
these rules. He shall council members who wish to discuss matters
relating to the club or the Movement. He shall be spokesman for the
b. The Vice President shall assume responsibilities of the President in the
absence of the President.
c. The Secretary shall convene and attend all General Meetings of the club,
Management Committee, Members’ Council etc., and shall record
minutes of the proceedings and cause them to be entered in the book
provided for this purpose. He shall conduct the general correspondence
of the club and prepare and issue notices, reports and literature. Keep a
register of the members and perform all other duties as are generally
attached to the office of Secretary. In the absence of the Secretary the
Management Committee shall appoint another of its members to act as
Secretary for that meeting. He shall be entitled to maintain an Imprest
Petty Cash Account.
d. The Treasurer shall receive, issue receipts and account for all monies due
to the club and within reasonable time pay such sums into the club’s
Bank Account. He shall make such payments from the club funds as are
directed by the club or by the Management Committee in accordance
with these rules. He shall keep correct account books and other records
necessary to show the details of the financial affairs of the club and shall
prepare the annual balance sheet and financial statements. He shall coordinate
means for the furtherance of the club finance as directed by
the Management Committee.
e. Committee members shall be appointed to the following positions as
and where necessary.
f. The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for advertising and
photography, and for liaison with the general public. He may invite
selected public figures as guests for special functions. He shall maintain
and develop a comprehensive library of naturist books and magazines,
New Zealand Nudist Federation and International Naturist Federation
literature and may recommend monthly purchases of books and
magazines to the Management Committee. He may issue quarterly
circulars to all members listing new library additions. He shall advise
members on suitable reading material related to the Movement.
g. The Works Manager shall be responsible for maintaining and developing
buildings, sanitation, tools, equipment, and general engineering.
Keeping an inventory of tools, building materials etc.
h. The Sports Officer shall be responsible for sports equipment and sports
grounds; organisation of sport and maintenance of sports equipment.
Planning and construction of games areas and general maintenance of
existing sports grounds.
i. The Social Officer shall be responsible for the canteen, club house,
organisation of functions and entertainment.
j. The Youth Leader shall be responsible for development of youth and
junior activities.
k. The Grounds man shall be responsible for care of lawns, flower beds,
trees, shrubs, and beautification and development of the grounds;
planning and maintenance of security boundaries.
l. Each member of the Management Committee shall maintain proper
records relation to his office and shall hand them to his relief when
relinquishing offices. He shall also submit written report at the Annual
General Meeting.


a. Management Committee members, other than the President, may co-opt
separate Standing Committees to help fulfil their functions. No limit is
placed on the numbers who may join Standing Committees, on the time
they may serve or on the number of such Committees on which they may
serve at any one time.
b. Any member may, with the permission of the Management Committee,
form a group to cater for new activities. Any such group shall be
represented on the Standing Committee of an appropriate Management
Committee member.
c. Members appointed to the Standing Committee shall not have
Management Committee status implied or otherwise.


The Members of the Management Committee and Standing Committees
together shall form the Members Council which shall meet not less than
twice a year. These meetings shall be convened by the Management


a. The Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as possible after 30th
June in each Year.
b. Special General Meetings may be convened by the Management
Committee or by a resolution of members in writing, stating the purpose
for which the meeting is called and signed by at least 25% of full
members. In each case, two weeks’ notice shall be given and the agenda,
showing details of the business to be transacted, shall be forwarded to all
members by the Secretary.
c. The quorum at General Meetings shall be 25% of the full Members and at
the Management Committee Meetings shall be 75%.
d. The President shall take the chair at all General, Members’ Council and
Management Committee Meetings, except that in his absence the
Management Committee shall appoint another of its members to be
Chairman of that meeting.
e. Only Full Members shall be entitled to vote.
f. Voting at the meetings shall be by voices, except that if so directed by the
President or requested by a member present a show of hands or a secret
ballot shall be taken. Provided that the election of the Management
Committee shall invariably be by secret ballot.


a. The President of the Management Committee shall be elected annually
at the Annual General Meeting, provided that only past or retiring
Management or Executive Committee shall be eligible.
b. Members of the Management Committee shall be elected at the Annual
General Meeting.
c. Any position vacated by any Management Committee member shall be
filled by co-option, preferably from the appropriate Standing
Committee, to maintain the Management Committee. The person so
appointed shall hold office for the remainder of the term which would
have been served by the member vacating that office.
d. A Management Committee member absenting himself from three
consecutive meetings, without satisfactory reason, shall be deemed to
have vacated his office and the vacancy shall be filled as provided. The
Management Committee shall decide whether the reasons for absence
are satisfactory.
e. Nominations for all positions on the Management Committee should be
preferably in writing and reach the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days
prior to the Annual General Meeting. Nominations may be made at the
meeting. Nominations shall be made only with consent of the nominee.
Eligible members who wish to offer themselves for nomination must
forward their names to the Secretary. All candidates must be formally
nominated and seconded. Only full members with more than 12 months
membership shall be eligible for election. Provided the member is full
paid up to 30th June in regards to both annual, membership fees, site
fees and long term/ extended stay resident fees. Proof of such should be
provided at monthly Management Committee meetings.
f. Nominations may be made at the meeting only if there are no written
nominations for that position.
g. Any person nominated for Management Committee position shall have
the position voted on by those attending the Annual General Meeting or
Special General Meeting and shall get more than (fifty per cent) 50% yes
vote to remain in that position. Vote shall be by secret vote.


a. The Management Committee has full authority to act on behalf of the
Club according to these rules and its decisions shall be binding on all
b. The Management Committee is empowered to make, amend or rescind
Regulations for good order and management in the Club’s grounds or
premises used for Club functions. All club Regulations shall be
prominently displayed at the Club grounds
c. The Management Committee shall duly consider any recommendations
appertaining to Regulations as may, from time to time, be made at a
General Meeting by a simple majority vote.
d. In the event of Management Committee not agreeing, the Executive of
the N.Z.N.F. shall call a General Meeting within fourteen (14) days to
form a new management Committee.



Proposed alterations to these Rules shall be in writing and in the hands of
the Secretary at least one month prior to the meeting at which the
alterations are to be proposed. Notice of proposals shall be sent to
members with Notice of meeting at least two (2) weeks prior to the
meeting. No alteration or amendment shall be effective unless it has been
approved by 75% or the Full Members present at the meeting.


The Management Committee shall adopt a Common Seal and may if
necessary destroy it and substitute another. The Seal shall be in the
custody of the Secretary. It shall be affixed to such documents as the
Management Committee may from time to time direct in the presence of
the President, Secretary and one other Management Committee Member.


a. There shall be one official Photographer, who shall be appointed at the
Annual General Meeting.
b. Members are permitted to take photographs, movies or video film to
their families. Permission must be given by non-family members, before
filming those members.
c. The Official Photographer shall not exhibit any film or print outside the
Club grounds in which any member or visitor would be a subject, unless
that said member or visitor gives their written permission, excepting for
processing of the same.
d. All negatives, prints, slides, movies or video tapes exposed at the Club
grounds or any official function, by the Official Photographer, shall
remain the property of the club, provided that, only in cases where the
subject is purely personal to the Photographer, the Management
Committee shall allow ownership to remain with the Photographer.
e. The Official Photographer is to be granted an Honorarium to assist in the
cost of the photography. The Honorarium is to be set by the Committee.
f. Every member shall have the right of inspecting any photographs, colour
slides or moving sequences, in which he or his family may appear and in
the event of any objections being lodged, the offending image of the
complainant or any member of his family shall be permanently effaced
from any negative, colour slide or moving sequence objected to.
g. No photographs shall be submitted for publication anywhere without
the express prior approval in writing of all the subjects or parents of
children in each and every individual photograph.
h. The Official Photographer shall when his term of office expires hand over
to the Management Committee all films exposed and these shall be kept
in safe custody by the Management Committee.
i. Provided that these Rules relating to photography shall be suspended in
favour of the Photographic Rules of the New Zealand Nudist Federation
for the period of a National Rally sponsored by the Club and that
photography be allowed in special circumstances only with the full
approval and under control of the Management Committee.


The Management Committee shall implement the procedures
established by the new Zealand Nudist Federation for the conduct of
National Rallies; provided that in any case where there is conflict
between these Rules and those of the New Zealand Nudist Federation
the matter shall be determined by mutual arrangement between Clun
and Federation Executives.

No action taken I Member to pay I Member requested I I
I Restitution I to resign I I
Member Restricted Member Member
Suspended for a expelled