TNC Rules

Updated 2nd October 2016

Waiongana Park Club Rules

Kitchen and Clubhouse

  1. The Kitchen and Clubhouse is for the use of all members and visitors. They
    must be kept clean and tidy at all times by the user.
  2. When using clubhouse for sleeping, all bedding and personal belongings etc.
    must be removed by 9.30am. No junior members may sleep in the clubhouse
    unless accompanied by a chaperone.
  3. Toilets and showers must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  4. The last person to leave the clubhouse to ensure the lights are off and doors
    are closed.
  5. The emptying of a chemical toilet requires prior permission of a committee
    member and proof will be required that the chemical is approved for use in a
    septic tank.
  6. No smoking within any Club buildings, including club Accommodation 6a. The Supply, possession and use of illicit substance will not be tolerated anywhere on the Taranaki Club Grounds
  7. Members with cooking facilities on their sites are expected to use their own
    facilities and not club kitchen, except for club functions. 7a Kitchen Used by Permanent Members Permanent Members must use all their own cooking facilities
  8. No clothes to be worn in the showers.
  9. No dogs allowed within the Clubhouse, Kitchen or Foyer, with the exception
    of guide dogs.
  10. All rubbish, bottles, plastic etc. you bring into the clubhouse, kitchen,
    Happy hour area – MUST be removed. (“you bring it you remove it”)
  11. In the Event of FIRE, or other EMERGENCY Dial 111 from a safe place,
    (As per procedures posted) The assembly point is located on the Tennis
    Courts, someone to wait at the gate to direct the Emergency Services in.

Equipment and Grounds

  1. No club property is to be removed from the club designated areas.
  2. Members are responsible for the removal of their Rubbish, Bottles, and Plastic
    etc. from the grounds
  3. Fires must NOT be lit in the open without the approval of a committee
    member; this includes the walkway to the beach. Approval maybe given but
    will be subject to the Fire Season and Council By-Laws at the time.
  4. The Taranaki Naturist Club accepted no liability for theft or damage to any
    private property, tents, vehicles, caravans or buildings.
  5. Operational Equipment of any type brought onto the Club Grounds is to be
    done at the owner’s risk-it is the owner’s responsibility for any Safety
    measures, training or certification (if required) of such equipment.
  6. Firearms are not permitted on the club grounds except by persons approved by
    the committee.
  7. All radios, stereos, CD’s, TV’s or other musical devices are to be kept at a
    reasonable volume level, so that not to cause an inconvenience to other
  8. Mowing the lawns of sites or the use of Chainsaws or other noisy mechanical
    equipment is NOT to be carried out before 9.00am and after 8.00pm.
  9. Consumption of alcoholic liquor on the club grounds is permitted – You as a
    member are responsible for the amount and actions you take after the
    consumption of alcohol; this includes any Guest you invite to the grounds.
  10. Motors and generators are not to be run before 6.00am or after 10.00pm
    Unless by committee approval.
  11. All Members are asked to contribute when and where possible in the
    up keep of the grounds (this includes your contribution at Working Bee’s)
    Remuneration will be a better looking club and grounds to enjoy.
  12. Grey water may only may be disposed into the ground on allocated
    sites into systems approved by the committee.
  13. Members’ sites are private property. Please respect their privacy whether
    they are on site or not.

Domestic Animals

  1. Domestic pets are only permitted on the grounds whilst under the control of
    their owners.
  2. Owners are required to remove any MATTER left behind from your animal
    (land mines)
  3. All local Authority By-Laws on domestic animals are to apply.
  4. Dogs are Not Permitted within the Club House, Kitchen, Foyer, Outdoor
    Entertainment, Hexagon Table, BBQ Area, Swimming Pool area, Children’s
    Play area with the exception of approved guide dogs.
  5. All Dogs including Guide Dogs MUST have a current vaccination recorded
    and be Vaccinated against Parvovirus, Distemper and Leptospirosis.
  6. Club members are required to record the vaccination details in the provided
    book and this is to be verified by two current members. Visitors that bring
    dogs onto club grounds also need to ensure that their dog(s) also comply with
    this ruling.

Children & Youth

  1. Parents/ Guardians are responsible for their children at all times on the club
    grounds or premises used for functions.
  2. Children must be supervised at all times when using the pool.

Swimming Pool

  1. No clothing to be worn in the pool – NO EXCEPTIONS
  2. Children must be supervised while in the pool area at all times.
  3. An accepted standard of personal hygiene is to be observed at all times when
    using the pool.
  4. No glass or breakables in the pool area.
  5. No dogs allowed in the pool area.
  6. All pool furniture, squabs etc must be placed back in the shed once finished
  7. Swimming pool filter, adding chemicals and pool maintenance to be carried
    out by committee authorised persons only.

Visitors and Members

  1. Potential members to the grounds other than open days must sign the visitor’s
    book. (Three visits are permitted) All other visitors shall pay fees as set at the
    AGM, e.g. Casual day fees, overnight camp fees.
  2. Visitors from other clubs are liable for overnight fees as set at the AGM.
  3. Members are expected to be unclothed when weather permits unless special
    conditions apply – (Check with rules moved at AGM to go into constitution)
  4. Family and friends staying with members in their units shall pay no fees for a
    reasonable time when that member is in residence.

Taking Photographs

No photo’s to be taken of any members, guest/visitors on the grounds or other
club activities off the grounds without their prior approval.
The conduct of members and others visiting these grounds must be beyond
reproach at all times.

Thank you for your co-operation

A copy of the clubs constitution is available on request.


  1. Taranaki Naturist Club financial members may apply to bring a
    mobile unit to the grounds and park on an approved site for up to the
    twelve month financial period.
  2. Two copies of the Annual Sit Agreement (TNC 1997/01) must be
    completed and accepted by the Taranaki Naturist’s Club
    management before possession can occur.
  3. The unit must be of a standard approved by the management
    committee prior to its being brought to the club grounds and
    thereafter it is required to be maintained to that standard.
  4. No structure or outbuilding may be established on the site.
  5. Members mat reside at the unit with no additional fees for a
    maximum of one 28 day period in each financial year and every
  6. Fees are listed in Fees and Charges.
  7. All tenants are reminded of their obligations with respect to the
    maintenance of the site.
  8. At the end of the leasing period the site is to be left clean and tidy.
  9. A one metre wide clear strip must be left on the front and side
    boundaries of each site.
  10. Any member who resigns or has their membership terminated,
    or who has not paid their site fees or made arrangement with the
    committee shall be given 30 days to remove or transfer ownership to
    any other member any property they may have on the grounds. Any
    property not so removed shall become property of the Taranaki
    Naturist Club inc. Unless otherwise decided by the committee


  1. Taranaki Naturist’s Club financial members, having completed 12 months
    membership, may apply to establish an allocated unit at the grounds.
  2. Two copies of the Allocated site lease agreement form (TNC 1997/02)
    together with the application fee must be completed and accepted by the
    Taranaki Naturist’s Club management committee before possession can
  3. An application Permission for construction form (TNC 1997/03) must
    accompany the application if construction is intended this application must
    specify those aspects which are variable (e.g. cladding, colour etc.) it must
    also indicate whether the construction is to be manufactured on or off the
    club grounds. A scale drawing of the structure must be included.
  4. The applicant is required to obtain a building consent from the New
    Plymouth District Council. All fees and charges for this will be borne by
    the applicant.
  5. When all necessary documents have been received by the Management
    Committee the applicant will be advised in writing whether or not approval
    has been granted.
  6. No construction shall be started within the grounds of the Taranaki
    Naturist Club until all papers have been approved.
  7. All work must be completed within six months of the date of approval or
    the applicant must reapply for permission to proceed.
  8. The structure and its contents are in no way covered by the Taranaki
    Naturist Club insurance policy. The owner is therefore strongly urged to
    arrange suitable private insurance.
  9. In the event of any disagreement between Management Committee and the
    applicant, the decision of the Management Committee shall be final.
  10. Members may reside with no additional fee for a maximum of 28 days in
    each financial year, or apply in writing to the Taranaki Naturist Clubs
    Committee for permission to reside at the site for a specified extended
    period. Fees for the extended period of residence will be as set at the
    A.G.M. and payable weekly or monthly in advance.
  11. A one metre wide clear strip must be left on the front and side boundaries
    of each site.
  12. No unit is to be more than five metres in height.
  13. Fences and small sheds less than ten square metres may be placed on side
    boundaries with the written consent of neighbours.
  14. Any member who resigns or has their membership terminated, or who has
    not paid their site fee or made arrangements with the Committee shall be
    given thirty days to remove or transfer ownership to any other member any
    property they may have on the grounds. Any property not so removed
    shall become the property of the Taranaki Naturist Club inc. unless
    otherwise decided by the committee.